Links you may find useful

The world wide web is the source of much help and information on fertility issues. Here are some links that you might find useful, together with others that we suggest are worth looking at.

Barbara trained as a reflexologist with the British Reflexology Association and is the chairman of the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists.

This BBC Health website offers a wealth of advice on infertility matters.

Fertility Road Magazine

IVF Babble

Today’s Therapists is a trade magazine which we subscribe to and which often contains useful articles on pregancy and fertility.

The British Fertility Society is an interest group for all those involved in the science and practice of human fertility, reproductive medicine and biology. These include infertility, assisted conception, endometriosis, contraception, male and female reproductive surgery, minimal access surgery and endocrinology.

Many people find the Fertility Friends website useful. There are lots of forums on the site including ones specifically for users in specific parts of the UK.

Barbara works closely with Harley Street-based andrologist Dr Sheryl Homa. Andrology is the scientific study of male infertility and Sheryl’s clinic Andrology Solutions is the UK’s only independent, scientist led, diagnostic and laboratory service specifically designed to address men’s reproductive health.

Nottingham is home to two of the UK’s leading centres for the treatment of infertility. Nurture is based at the Queens Medical Centre (otherwise known as the University Hospital) and CARE Fertility run by Dr Simon Fishel at their own clinic close of junction 26 of the M1.


If you know of a website that other people might find of interest then please contact us with the details.