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Seren’s lead fertility specialist is Barbara Scott MBRA a complementary therapist with a first-class track record in helping women give birth to beautiful babies.

In the East Midlands our reproflexology practitioner is Sophie Webb.  Harriet Combes practises in Wiltshire and also assists Barbara with the Reproflexology training courses.

Hypnotherapy services are provided by her colleague Nick Brunger MNCH who is a registered Fertile Body Method therapist.

About Barbara

Barbara has been practising as a reflexologist for the past twenty years and has developed successful treatment plans for enhancing and treating fertility issues. Now considered to be one of Europe’s leading fertility practitioners she has trained hundreds of reflexologists to use the methods she has developed to great effect.  In demand as a speaker on this subject she lectured last year at the RIEN international reflexology conference held in Madeira and this year is holding a workshop at the Danish Reflexology Association’s conference.

Barba addressing RIEN conferenceA member of the British Reflexology Association and chairman of the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists she established her practice in Wales and then spent almost a decade in the East Midlands before returning to live in Carmarthenshire.

Although she now concentrates on offering treatments for infertility she also sees clients for general health consultations and treatment . She currently practices at the Llandeilo Natural Health Centre and her her home clinic near Nantgaredig.
“The majority of my clients are women currently experiencing problems with fertility,” she says. “But I also see many would-be mums of all ages who want to make sure that they are as well-prepared as possible for starting their family.”

Barbara’s current clients include health care professionals, doctors and Barbara Port2nurses, who find that complementary therapies can help in ways beyond those achieved by conventional medicine.

In 2011 Barbara became the chairman of the newly formed Association of Reproductive Reflexologists which aims to form a professional body of practitioners with a high standard of training that the public can rely upon and which will become a kite mark for excellence.

As one of the UK’s leading holistic fertility experts Barbara has broadcast on BBC and commercial radio. Her views have also been quoted in the local press.

Barbara Scotts new book “Reflexology For Fertility – a Comprehensive Practitioners Guide to Natural and Assisted Conception” was published in March 2016 and has become an international best-seller.

Seren Natural Fertility
Pencnwc, Abergorlech Road, Felingwm Isaf, Carmarthen SA32 7BA.

Clients are seen by appointment either at her clinic near Nantgaredig or at the Llandeilo Natural Health Centre. Telephone and Skype consultations are also available.

About Nick

Email: in Cabin (2)

Phone 01267 290411 or 07752 438901

Clients usually have very clear ideas of how they would like me to help them (writes Nick) but Claire had me baffled. “I would like,” she told me, “to have the gestation period of an elephant.”

Hypnotherapy is capable of helping clients to achieve many things but that sounded well beyond anyone’s capabilities. “That’s twenty-two months,” she said. On further questioning I discovered that Claire was newly pregnant with her first baby but was dreading the thought of giving birth.

It took just three sessions of therapy to turn Claire from being frightened of childbirth to become a woman actively looking forward to having her baby. “I wish I was having it tomorrow,” she told me as she left for the final time.

Those kinds of transformation make working in this fascinating field of psychotherapy so rewarding.

My interest in the treatment of infertility led me to train alongside Sjanie Hugo, the UK’s leading specialist in this field. As a certified Fertile Body Practitioner many of my clients seek help to achieve their dream of having a child.

Sally came to see me before what she and her husband knew was going to be their last chance to have a baby using IVF.

Previous pregnancies had failed because Sally had been unable to hold on to the baby for more than a few days. She was unable to see any future life without her own natural child and felt her life had no meaning without a baby of her own.

Because of the timing of her treatment at Nurture she only had one session of hypnotherapy with me. Firstly, under hypnosis, we addressed her concerns about natural motherhood. We explored the other options open to her – adoption, fostering and accepting the situation and living as a childless couple.

I also gave her suggestions that her womb was a welcome and comforting place and that her embryo would find a safe home there and not want to leave until he or she had reached their full term.

At the end of the session Sally told me that she felt much more relaxed about motherhood. She now completely accepted that if this last chance failed she could still lead a fulfilled life by exploring her other options. Becoming a natural mother no longer had the same significance for her, a revelation that came as a considerable surprise.

But this last chance did not fail. Sally held on to the baby and is now well into a “normal” assisted pregnancy and is looking forward to the birth later in the year.

It was my granddad who first opened my eyes to the possibilities of hypnosis as a tool for change. A printer by trade he had been a heavy smoker since childhood. On the way home from his single visit to the hypnotherapist he had to stop the car and empty his ashtray because the very thought of sharing his car with the fag ends disgusted him.

Then my own treatment by a therapist some year ago to lift the curse of a phobia that set me on the road to the work I do today. Now I help people achieve all kinds of change in their life from losing weight or tackling an alcohol problem to stopping smoking and gaining control over unwanted habits.

Tackling phobias and anxiety probably give me the most satisfaction – like ten year old Rosie who suffered from koumpounophobia, an unpronounceable name for a surprisingly common fear of buttons.

Rosie could not wear any clothes that contained buttons and was even unable to give her daddy a cuddle if he was wearing a shirt with visible buttons. Her new uniform at high school required every girl to have buttons and she knew she had to rid herself of her fear. At the start of the session she was only able to look at a photo of buttons if I held it on the other side of the room. One hour later she was not only able to hold a pile of buttons in her hand but was going off with her mum to buy a jumper she had seen “with great big buttons” to celebrate.

My passion is to help you change the life in whatever way is appropriate for you. Book an appointment today by calling 01267 290411 or 07752 438901 or try a short free consultation if you want to meet me to discuss your condition and treatment before making an appointment.

Nick is a Registered member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy. He holds a number of qualifications including being a registered therapist and practioner of The Fertile Body Method which combines hypnosis and other mind-body approaches to help identify and address the mental, emotional and physical factors which may be affecting your fertility. He has all the skills of a practitioner of what are sometimes known as the Hypnobirthing tecniques.

Nick has broadcast about the many benefits of hypnotherapy on BBC Radio 5 Live, and on local and regional BBC and ILR stations. He has also been featured in the pages of the Nottingham Evening Post and the Carmarthen Journal.

Clients are seen by appointment either at the Seren clinic near to Nantgaredig.

There’s more at Nick’s website and links to follow for details of his other interests on our links page.

About Harriet

LoRes-HarrietCombes-webHarriet Combes trained with the International Institute of Reflexology in 2006 in Bristol.  She has undertaken a number of additional courses to further develop her practice and knowledge as a reflexologist in order to provide the best possible care for her clients.

Her specialist field is Reproductive health for both men and women and she has taken advanced training in both Reproductive Reflexology and Maternity Reflexology.

She is now part of the Fertility Well-being Clinic in Salisbury and practices both from this clinic and in Dinton, Wiltshire.

Harriet is also Secretary of the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists and has played a key role in its recent development and heightened profile.

She is currently undertaking further advanced teacher training and will be teaching the Reproductive Reflexology Course from Spring 2015, by which time she will have completed a further 2 years of study under the auspices of Barbara Scott.

About Sophie

SophieSophie Webb is a Nottingham-based, complementary therapist specialising in fertility and maternity reflexology, the area she is most passionate about.

Sophie trained originally in fashion/knitwear design, but in 2003, decided to follow her dream and move to the beautiful county of Cornwall to study complementary therapies. As a fully qualified practitioner, she set up her own clinic within a Yoga centre, and became increasingly interested in treating fertility and maternity issues. Whilst in Cornwall Sophie extended her knowledge by completing different courses and also taught reflexology and therapeutic massage on a complementary therapies foundation degree.

Sophie’s own fertility struggles brought her back to Nottingham, and she felt that she benefited immensely from reproductive reflexology, both emotionally and physically, resulting in the birth of her beautiful son.

Having worked closely alongside Barbara, she was delighted to be involved in the establishment of the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists and was membership secretary until she took maternity leave to have her son.

Sophie says ‘I take a natural and holistic approach to fertility and pregnancy and my aim is to support couples on their journey towards parenthood’

About Laura

Laura trained as a Reflexologist in 2007 with the Bayly School of Reflexology.  Since then she has been practicing reflexology part time whilst raising her family.  Laura has always had a passion for fitness and well-being and was drawn to reflexology because of the benefits it provides and the way it helps to maintain the body’s equilibrium.

2015-12-18-13-56-57Laura completed her Reproflexology training with Seren Natural Fertility and likes to use her training from to help couples by enhancing their general health before trying for a baby and supporting them through IVF / IUI.

Laura is also the Reproflexology Training Administrator for Seren Natural Fertility.

Contact Laura here