Welcome to Seren Natural Fertility – dedicated to tackling infertility and to enhancing fertility through reflexology, hypnotherapy and other holistic therapies.

Seren specialises in the treatment of infertility, particularly for couples undergoing assited fertility treatments such as IUI and IVF/ICSI.

We also run workshops and courses for professional reflexologists who want to expand on their knowledge of working with in the field of fertility. Click HERE for more details.

ReflexologyForFertility (1)STOP PRESS:  Barbara Scott’s new book “Reflexology For Fertility – a Comprehensive Practitioners Guide to Natural and Assisted Conception” was published in March in the UK and in April in the USA.

This very exciting publication went straight to number one sales position on Amazon for publications dealing with infertility and has already attracted interest from reflexologists around the globe.  The first edition sold out within a few weeks and the second edition is now available.  You can read the five star reviews and order a copy for just £32.50 by clicking HERE.

Copies of the manual are also available from the publishers, Watkins by following this link from the United Kingdom and this link in the USA.


All initial consultations are usually with Reflexologist Barbara Scott, chairman of the newly-formed Association of Reproductive Reflexologists, acknowledged as one of the UK’s leading experts in working with couples undergoing assisted fertility treatment. However, appointments for hypnotherapy alone can be made directly with Nick Brunger.

Barbara in CabinBarbara sees clients in South Wales at the Llandeilo Natural Health Centre and at her own clinic near Nantgaredig just outside Carmarthen.

We also offer the initial consultation by Skype for clients who live in other parts of the UK.  Barbara will then arrange for a Seren-trained therapist near to you to offer treatment under her supervision.

Having a child of your own is one of the most enriching experiences that a couple can have.

However, an increasing number of women are finding it difficult to conceive with as many as one in three couples experiencing fertility problems. Of these, one in six will seek medical help with conception.

Getting help to get pregnant can be both stressful and expensive with private medicine only available to those who can afford it. Complementary therapy can provide help and support for only a fraction of the price.

Complementary therapies work in a number of ways to enhance fertility.

On a physical level they can tackle medical conditions that may be present. They are also excellent at reducing levels of stress. Psychologically they can also help address the complex mental and emotional facts which may be affecting your fertility.

At Seren Natural Fertility we are devoted to the treatment of preconceptual care, infertility and pregnancy using complementary medicine and other beneficial techniques.

We are happy to treat women (and men, too!) at any stage in their fertility planning, whether they are enhancing their general health before trying for a baby, experiencing problems with conception or require help and guidance during pregnancy.

Many of our clients are undergoing fertility treatment with conventional medical practitioners. We work in ways to enhance their therapies and boost the chances of success using your body’s own mechanisms.

Every client is treated as an individual.

At Seren we offer natural fertility treatment. This includes an initial consultation with Barbara Scott, a highly experienced reflexologist and therapist who has been working successfully in fertility treatment for over seventeen years.

At your first meeting Barbara will take a detailed medical history, including information on any mainstream fertility treatment being undertaken, together with details of your diet and life-style.

Based on this initial consultation clients are offered a course of treatment which could include reflexology for fertility, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, herbal medicines, dietary changes and supplements.

For many years Barbara has recommended that clients seek out a number of different products which they might find beneficial to both prepare for pregnancy and to boost natural fertility levels. We are delighted that many of these products are now available directly from us. Please see the products section of the website for more details.

We also run a number of natural fertility workshops which many of our clients have found of real benefit in the past.

Barbara (on the left) with trainees in Nottingham

Barbara (on the left) with trainees in Nottingham

For practising reflexologists Barbara runs introdutory and weekend courses in her own brand of fertility reflexology (known as Reproflexology(TM) throughout the UK. These courses are approved by the AoR – the Association of Reflexologists.

We are currently booking new courses in London, East Midlands, Cheltenham, Bath, Southampton, and Leeds. If you are interested please contact us for more details or follows the link to courses available.

Reflexologists who took the most recent course based in the East Midlands said: I really enjoyed the course and thought it was very informative but at the same time done in a way that it was easy to digest and This has been an excellent course delivered in an enoyable way. It has reinforced some existing knowledge and provided plenty of new and Very professional, interesting and informative course. One of the best decisions I have ever made was to join this course. Thank you Barbara.

John Rhind, a highly experienced reflexologist from Norfolk completed his Part 2 training in July 2010 writes: I would thoroughly recommend this course to any reflexologist who is serious about helping couples with fertility problems.

Reproflexology students in London

Reproflexology students in London

Fellow trainee Jenni Grant, a very experienced trainer in reflexology and a qualified midwife, added: Reproflexology Students in London October 2012 As a maternity reflexologist my knowledge and experience of pregnancy reflexology is fairly comprehensive but ever increasing and developing. However your fertility and reflexology techniques and programmes planned around the treatment cycles have given me much more confidence in this area.

Among the comments from one of our East Midland courses: “I would recommend (this course) to any qualified reflexologist who wanted to further their skills.” “The course was very informative and clear, giving me clear guidance to perform the techniques correctly and confidently”,

“Really fascinating – your depth and breadth of knowledge is stunning. I cannot wait to use what I have learned.”

SPE-Seren-photo1Seren is now working with Lewis Fertility Testing to test sperm for DNA damage which may be affecting your ability to conceive and increase the chance of miscarriages.  For more information click HERE.

By the way, if you are wondering about how we got our name, Seren is the Celtic goddess of fertility. It is also the Welsh name for “star” – quite appropriate as many families now have their own little stars thanks to the treatments we offer.

We welcome clients seeking fertility advice from all areas of South Wales, including Swansea, Carmarthen and Llanelli.

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